About Dr.Chandra Bondugula





ZeaMed is the Consumer Healthcare Marketplace or Healthcare E-commerce by ZeaHealth, where patients can find the actual care costs. In addition, they can compare the Prices for the Healthcare Services offered by various Hospitals and Physicians in their locality or city. 

Patients will be able to know the costs of care before seeking it, and most importantly, they will have the right to choose which Hospital or Physician they want to visit. 

ZeaMed eliminates the ignorance of Prices by bringing Transparent Prices from Hospitals directly to Patients. 

Patients can also bid for the lowest prices and pay a justified amount. 

ZeaTool is the Price Transparency and CMS Compliance Engine. ZeaTool makes it easy for Hospitals to list their chargemaster and shoppable services. The hospitals can list the negotiated healthcare prices on their websites to meet CMS compliance regulations. ZeaTool can help hospitals avoid CMS penalties and save up to $2 Million.

ZeaTool hosts more than 2500 Hospitals’ pricing data that is collected from the hospitals. The tool provides data analytics and visualization so providers, employers, and insurance companies can make better business decisions. 

The CMS price transparency group commended ZeaTool for identifying the compliance status of hospitals. 

ZeaHub is the next-generation, innovative Value-based Outcomes Management System. I designed and developed the system based on my previous Value-Based Care and Co-Management projects. 

The tool uses next-gen technologies like analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. It would help hospitals and post-acute services to manage and produce the best health outcomes to improve quality, reduce costs and increase physician & patient satisfaction. 

The software enables Physicians to work in teams, set goals, message in groups, share documents, organize virtual meetings, etc. They can also get monthly, quarterly, and annual progress analytics on a single dashboard. 

With the Vision to empower everyone to live their full potential, I created an All-In-One App to Manage People’s Life. Socialite App is the One-Stop Solution to organize and optimize your life. 

People can use the app to browse their favorite websites and log in to multiple apps- be it a Social platform, a job portal, or a healthcare website. Moreover, they can browse and login into all of them with a single credential. 

The Socialite App lets people store and organize important documents like Passport, Job Certificates, Licenses, etc., in a single place. So that it is easily accessible whenever they are in need, it avoids the “Where did I Save the Document?” situation. People can also browse and find nearby stores or malls for shopping. In addition, people can manage finances, health, education, and day-to-day life activities.

The All-in-One Socialite App helps people save time as they have all their needs and interests fulfilled in a single place. 


The Evident Outcomes of the works done by Dr Chandra Bondugula.