About Dr.Chandra Bondugula


Tech Innovator

I had a deep interest for advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, advanced Analytics, digital health transformation, and cloud computing. 

When I was an Associate Administrator/ Director of Hospital Operations at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, I came across care variation and physician challenges.

Some of the challenges include:

  • Clinical Waste
  • Variability in Clinical Care
  • High Readmission rates
  • Increased Foley Catheter utilization
  • Prolonged Ventilator Days in Intensive Care Units
  • Liberal Blood and Blood Products transfusion
  • Overuse of Antibiotics
  • Increased MRI Usage, and more.

I knew these challenges can be resolved through the use of advanced technologies. So, I created ZeaHub– the patient centered value-based outcomes management system to help the hospital and post acute services to create programs and manage them to produce best health outcomes.

The healthcare centric tool would help the hospital and post acute services to create programs and manage them to produce best health outcomes (Increase quality & safety; decrease costs; and increase physician & patient satisfaction).

Advantages to the hospitals:

  1. Create and manage physician led co-management programs and value-based projects.

  2. Involve multidisciplinary teams from all the departments

  3. Can partner with post acute care services

  4. Create KPI’s & continuous improvement system with annual/ semi-annual/ quarterly/ monthly goal setting, and view the progress in single dashboard.

  5. Real time analytics

  6. Features also include teams creation, messaging, announcements, document collaboration, virtual meetings etc.

  7. Knowledge center where providers can select KPI’s and also evidence based articles from experts.

  8. Choosing Wisely measures included.

  9. Free to test the software.

  10. Training Manuals and Support.

  11. Take pride in helping other low resource hospitals by supporting the product.