About Dr.Chandra Bondugula



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I am a Physician and a senior healthcare executive with more than two decades of expertise in Patient Care, Hospital Administration, Graduate Medical Education, Healthcare Informatics, Digital Transformation, Health Innovation, and Value-based Co-management Programs. 

I am the founding ACGME Designated Institutional Official at North Alabama Medical Center, Florence, Alabama and the Chairman of the Graduate Medical Education Committee.

I serve on the boards of American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), Alabama Chapter and Shoals Community Clinic. Besides, I am the Guest Faculty for Value Based Care Program and Population Health at Boise State University.

I believe that the role of a Physician goes far beyond saving patients’ lives. Being a Health-Tech Entrepreneur and Administrator, I aim to educate and empower physicians to be the Future Healthcare Leaders.

During my two decades of practice in Healthcare and Medicine, I came across challenges and variabilities in patient care safety and quality and disproportionate healthcare costs. 

I initiated and conducted many programs and projects to fix these challenges with the right use of technology, including multiple Co-Management programs, and Value-based Care designs. 

Futuristic Health-Tech Firms

I am passionate about Advanced Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, Chatbots, Cloud computing, RPA, and digital health Transformation. My Passion for technology and Desire for Healthcare Innovation and Quality Patient Care led me to initiate Health-Tech Companies. 

ZeaHealth is my healthTech Venture active in building tools and products to bring complete healthcare Price Transparency. 

We are gathering actual healthcare costs from hospitals and insurance companies to help Americans know the prices before they seek care. With the use of next-gen technologies, Zeahealth has created the healthcare marketplace where people can shop for the healthcare procedures. ZeaHealth is also building ZeaData, a big data platform to perform analytics and run machine learning models to help consumers, employers to save healthcare costs and hospitals to make better business decisions. 

SHC: SHC (Smart Health Care) Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a digital health startup working to transform and innovate healthcare delivery. With evidence-based medicine and advanced digital technologies like cloud computing, big data, analytics, IoT, AI, ML, and NLP, SHC develops futuristic healthcare apps, products, and solutions.  


GME Administrator

As founding ACGME Designated Institutional Official (DIO), I initiated and led the brand new Graduate Medical Education (GME) Program at North Alabama Medical Center, Florence, AL, a LifePoint Hospital. 

As the Chairman of the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) along with GMEC, I was instrumental in transforming the non-teaching community hospital into an academic medical center, improving the quality, safety, patient access and bringing millions in revenue to the community.

Along with GMEC, I played a key role in getting initial Sponsoring Institutional Accreditation from ACGME and Accreditation for the Internal Medicine Residency Program. Currently we have 36 Internal Medicine residents and we are expanding our programs.